Reverend Blair Corcoran
Corunna United Church
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am - 12 pm


There are many activities that serve both as fundraisers and social time. They include serving dinners, making meat and fruit pies, cabbage rolls and quiche.

Events include a “salad bar” luncheon, a “soups ¬†on” luncheon, special dinners and luncheons for community groups.

Grocery vouchers from No Frills and Foodland grocery stores are offered for sale after church and from the office during the week as a fund raiser.

Rolling cabbage rolls

Cooking cabbage rolls


Apple pies are currently being made. Now we have both large and small apple, cherry and blueberry pies for sale

Pealing Apples

Filling Pies

Apple Pie Making

Turkey Pie Project

Turkey Pies

Turkey Pies